• Can anyone have an operation?


    In principle, if the eye is healthy, almost all defects in vision can be corrected using modern laser treatments and eye operations. The procedure is often dependent on the thickness of the cornea, the size of the pupil and the depth of the anterior chamber. Our eye experts will clarify for you which procedure you should consider during an individual consultation.

  • Which criteria would rule out an operation?


    There are some criteria, which would rule out an operation completely or temporarily or which would require a specific procedure. This includes the following diagnoses: corneal conditions, e.g. keratoconus, eye conditions such as glaucoma or cataracts for example, pregnancy, breastfeeding, variable diopter readings in people who are short-sighted, cornea thickness which is too low.

  • What may occur during the operation?


    Surgical risks such as infection, corneal instability and any potential post-correction can be kept down to a minimum with a responsible approach and our quality management system, however they can never be ruled out completely. But there are solutions to almost every single complication, if the patient and doctor do the right things. Using the very latest technology in our clinics as well as regular ongoing training, the experience of the surgeons and of the whole team all make a decisive contribution to minimizing the risks.

  • Is the procedure painful?


    The SMILE method, Femto-LASIK and implanting an ICL are all pain-free for the patient. With LASEK/PRK there may be some pain for approx. 2-4 days while the “wound” heals.

  • How long will the result last?


    The results you attain after the operation will be permanent, unless there is any change in your eyes. It is therefore absolutely necessary for your defective vision to have stayed the same for a certain length of time before the procedure. It is our goal to use our methods to enable you to enjoy life without glasses. However, if there is still a residual defect in your vision even after the first procedure, or there is a further change in your eye, performing a post-correction is a possibility.

  • When can I resume working, doing sports,
    driving, wearing make-up?


    Normally you will be ready for action on the day after the operation. However, we suggest that you allow yourself a break for one or two days. You should avoid physical exertions for about a week after the operation, normal sporting activity should then no longer pose any risk. You should still be careful with ball sports and sports requiring a lot of exertion. Visiting a sauna again is also permitted after a week. You are allowed to drive a car as soon as you can see well enough, often by the day after the operation. Please wait up to a week after the procedure before you start wearing eye make-up again. Please discuss any more specific issues with your doctor.

  • What does the procedure cost?


    The costs for our laser eye treatments or lens implants each depend on the method used in your individual case. All preliminary and post-operative checks are included in the price. Further information about the costs and the possibility of arranging finance can be obtained from our specialist staff. In addition, an eye treatment using lasers or a lens operation is tax-deductible as an exceptional expense.

  • How much will my health insurance cover?


    Private insurers will cover varying amounts of the overall costs for the procedure. Currently, those with only statutory insurance must cover all costs themselves.

  • What should I notice before the intervention?


    You should definitely not wear your contact lenses before your treatment: with soft lenses for at least ten days, with hard lenses at least three weeks. Please do not apply any eye make-up or eye cream on the day of the procedure. The operation will take a total of one hour, including the follow-up examination. You will not then be allowed to drive yourself, so please bring a friend along.

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